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Jueves, 30/10/2014
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Printable Guides

Tourism Magazine | Winter 2012

Promotional magazine with the tourism offer of winter 2012, you will find events, shows, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, sporting events, parks, museums, tours, adventure experiences, accommodations and more. Check this out!

Download (PDF 1.97 MB) | Online (external) | Coupons (PDF 247 KB)

Tourism Magazine | Fall 2012

¡Pásale Paisano! | Tourist Guide

Here you will find travel tips, tourist attractions and services to make your stay more pleasant in Nuevo Leon.

Download (PDF 5.70 MB) | Online (external)

Guía Turistica

Museums Guide

Download the Museums Guide of Nuevo Leon and learn more about this cultural places.

Download (PDF 8.65 MB) | Online (external)

Red Estatal de Museos de Nuevo León
Turismo Nuevo León Monterrey, Ciudad de las montañas OSETUR FIDETUR FIDEZA