23 de Octubre de 2014

Agriculture and resources in Nuevo León

Nuevo León grows corn for animal feed, some fruits and also uses land for husbandry. We also have beautiful national parks protected as natural reserves.

Agriculture and husbandry

6% of the state surface is used in agriculture. The main crops are corn for animal feed, mandarin orange, apple, orange, pecans, potato, sorghum, grapefruit and wheat.

86% of the land is used for raising livestock. Birds for eggs and meat, cattle, sheep, goat and pork are the main staples.

Zaragoza and Apodaca municipalities also have small-scale fish breeding.

As for wood, needle bush (acacia) and pine trees are the most used resources.

Types of land


% of state surface









Mezquital shrubland




Flora and fauna

The regional flora incluyes grasses, shrubs, agave and cactacea in the lower regions, and pine and oak in the mountains. Fauna incluyes parrots, blacnk bears, skunk, coyote, white-tailed deer, bats and other small species.

Natural reserves

Áreas protegidas de Nuevo León

Protected areas occupy 4.3% of the state territory. The National Parks Cumbres de Monterrey (177,395 ha), El Sabinal (8 ha) y el Monumento Natural Cerro de la Silla (6, 039 ha) are protected by federal law. A state decree protects 23 additional areas of 157,387 ha.

Sources: OEIDRUS, Data NL , INEGI

Quick facts

Land for agriculture: 6.72%

Land for husbandry: 86%

Crops: corn, mandarin orange, apple, orange

Fauna: black bear, white-tailed deer, coyote

Natural reserves: 4.3%

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