26 de Octubre de 2014

Traditional music of Nuevo León

A lot of Nuevo León’s regional music has its origin in Central Europe and was brought by mercenaries of the French army. The instruments are usually German and the rhythms are Czech and Polish.

The melodies and dances are characteristic of our people’s “northern” personality. The traditional instrumentation, called regional band, consists of violin, accordion, string guitar and double bass.

A recent creation is the northern band, which plays “cumbias” and uses an accordion, a twelve-string guitar, a bass and drums. It is the most popular way of making music in the state and it identifies us nationally and internationally. There are also bands that use tambora and clarinet.


It comes from Bohemia, Germany, and arrived to Nuevo León with the Austro-Hungarian mercenaries that came with the French Invasion in 1847. It has a binary compass and is danced with swings and hitting the ground with the tip and heel of the shoe.


A rhythm from Bohemia that combines waltz and mazurca. It used to be a sober ballroom dance, but here it became more lively and popular. In the Northeast of Mexico it is played with a hollow and sounding box, called “redova”.


The huapango is a very rhythmic type of music, popular in the Gulf of Mexico. In Nuevo León it is played with a twelve-string guitar and accordion.


A variation of the Scottish dance, which was popular in Germany and Great Britain.


A style from the North of the country and quite popular in Nuevo León, it has artists such as Julián Garza. Corridos are an evolution from the Spanish romance and have a crude style of telling stories.


The most popular style today in the state and in a great part of Latin America. It started as a courtship dance between African slaves in Colombia.


Cadetes de Linares; Bronco, from Apodaca; Alicia Villarreal, from Monterrey; and Los Alegres de Terán are a few people from Nuevo León famous in Northern music.

Quick facts

Traditiona music: Polka, Redova, Shotís

Tradicional instrumentation: Violín o acordeón, bajosexto y contrabajo (conjunto regional)

Current music: Panda, Quiero Club, Plastilina Mosh, Kinky, Cártel de Santa, Cadetes de Linares, Cardenales de Nuevo León

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