19 de Octubre de 2014

History of the Nuevo Leon coat of arms

Our coat of arms represents strength, work, progress and good will, and honors the protagonists in the history of the state.

Escudo de Nuevo León

The coat of arms was designed during the term of Governor Bonifacio Salinas Leal. A comission was formed for this in 1943, which included Santiago Roel, Carlos Pérez Maldonado, José P. Saldaña and Héctor González. Before this, Nuevo Leon had used the coat of arms of the capital city of Monterrey.

The coat of arms is divided in four parts, with silver shield in the center. The shield is decorated by a chain and a solid bar, attributes which appeared in the coat of arms of Don Gaspar de Zúñiga y Acevedo, Viceroy of New Spain and Count of Monterrey, in honor of whom our capital city gets its name.

Clockwise, the four quarters show a crowned lion; five industrial chimneys; the temple of San Francisco, which no longer exists; and an orange tree with the Saddle Hill in the background.

Indian and western weapons are located to the sides, and working bees on the top.

The motto of the state is shown at the bottom in Latin: Semper Ascendens, or Always Ascending. At the very top is a XVI Century helm, representing the first Spanish settlers in the area.

The artista Don Ignacio Martínez Rendón painted the coat of arms in display in the Government Palace.

Quick facts

Created: 1943

Authors: a commission formed by Santiago Roel, Carlos Pérez Maldonado, José P. Saldaña y Héctor González.

Before: Nuevo Leon did not have a coat of arms and used the coat of the city of Monterrey.

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