31 de Octubre de 2014

Art venues in Nuevo León

Nuevo Leon’s culture is very diverse: we’re proud of norteño music, the poetry of Alfonso Reyes, the traditional carne asada on weekends and our parks. Our art scene is one of the most active of the country.

Nuevo León has cultural spaces for every interest, such as MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Mexican History Museum, the old industrial facilities in Fundidora Park and the Alfa Planetarium.

Some Museums in NL

Casa de la Cultura

Temporary art exhibitions at an old train station

Casa de los Títeres

A collection of puppets as well as puppet shows

Centro Cultural Universitario (Colegio Civil)

Collection of local art and performative art presentations


Arthouse cinema and photography exhibitions

Museo Bernabé de las Casas

Paleontology and anthropology in the municipality of Mina

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MARCO)

Temporary exhibitions of contemporary art

Museo de Historia Mexicana

Mexican history and temporary exhibitions of art and history

Museo del Obispado

Regional history and the Battle of Monterrey in 1846

Museo del Palacio de Gobierno

History of social organization in Nuevo León in a neoclassic building

Museo del Vidrio

The best pieces manufactured in the Vidriera Monterrey company, and temporary exhibitions of art and history

Museo Metropolitano

History of Monterrey, the city archives and art exhibitions

Museo de Sitio Boca de Potrerillos

More than 400 stones engraved thousands of years ago

Fundidora Park

A Park surrounding the facilities of what used to be the old Fundidora Company of Monterrey

Alfa Planetarium

Interactive science and technology museum, and projections on an Omnimax screen

Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame

History of the best of sports

Read more information about the museums in the city.

Making Art

The art scene in Nuevo León is one of the most active of the country, and during the last years Monterrey has been known for producing excellent music.

Every year there are more and more exhibitions, biennales, book presentations and art competitions in the state. We want to help our artists develop their skill. Visit the site of Conarte to learn about the latest news.

Quick facts

Traditiona music: Polka, Redova, Shotís

Tradicional instrumentation: Violín o acordeón, bajosexto y contrabajo (conjunto regional)

Current music: Panda, Quiero Club, Plastilina Mosh, Kinky, Cártel de Santa, Cadetes de Linares, Cardenales de Nuevo León

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