22 de Octubre de 2014

Support for the software industry

Joint Funding (federal and state) for software companies and services related to information technologies.

What is the Prosoft found?

The PROSOFT grant is a temporary aiding instrument for the development of the software industry as well as services related to the Information Technologies industry. It is dependent of the Economic Secretariat, has operation rules, and by means of an agreement with federal organizations, combines resources to further the IT industry development.


  • Contribute to the conservation and generation of income taxable jobs in the Software and IT sector.
  • Promote Regional Economic Development.
  • Encourage the creation of Software Development Businesses and related services as well as stimulate the fortification of the businesses already in existence.
  • Promote production development opportunities in the IT sector.
  • Foster the innovation, development and the technological modernization of the IT sector.
  • Contribute to improving the businesses´ production procedures in the IT sector.
  • Elevate the level of human resource training in the software industry.
  • Promote the integration and strengthening of production chains in the IT sector.
  • Contribute to the development of physical infrastructure and high technology industrial parks so as to favor the integration of the technical, operations, and marketing areas of the IT sector businesses.


  • PROSOFT operation rules
  • PROSOFT operation criteria
  • Extensive Project Format
  • Beneficiary Letter of Intent

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