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Export problem resolution (COMPEX)

Find a quick solution to your export problems and streamline the procedures for foreign trade.

What is COMPEX?


COMPEX is the Export Promotion Committee, which aids the federal government in promoting Mexican International Commerce (article 7 of the International Commerce Law) and is comprised of representatives from both the public and private sectors. 

Solve your problems

By means of monthly state assemblies convened by the Economic Department’s federal delegate’s offices and the State Government, the exporters or potential exporters present the public servants and representatives from private businesses with their problems as well as proposals to speed up the due diligence for foreign trade. All of this with the objective of discussing these problems and solve them in that place and time.

Those problems that cannot be solved on the state level or that are of federal jurisdiction should be redirected to the COMPEX director’s offices, so as to be classified according to subject, entered into the COMPEX data base, and directed to the corresponding federal level authority (see the virtual export forum).

COMPEX negotiates before the corresponding agencies for a quick resolution to the problems and responds to those affected as soon as possible.

COMPEX coordinates monthly work meetings with all the permanent members of the committees’ public sector, in order to update information on the cases that have been presented and thus obtain a greater amount of responses. When needed, the committee gathers all the agencies and parties involved to find alternative solutions to the problems.


  • The companies which encounter obstacles that slow down their foreign sales, raise their costs, or increase export transfer time, and for whom the corresponding authority has not given them the necessary backing or solution to their problem, must fulfill the following characteristics in order to be considered a COMPEX case and therefore be directed to the corresponding authorities:
  • Prove that all standard procedures have been fulfilled and that there are irregularities with such, as well as with the established schedules.
  • Fill out the corresponding case format, where in addition to the basic company information, a clear and detailed explanation of the problem as well as a proposed solution should be included.

More information

Rafael Eduardo Ramos De La Garza
Foreign Trade Director’s Office
Secretariat of Economic Development

5 de mayo 525 ote. 7th floor
Zona Centro
64000 Monterrey
Phone +52 (81)2020-6579

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Responsible Agency

Secretariat of Economic Development
Calle 5 de mayo 525 Ote.
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Zona Centro
Monterrey, Nuevo León
México CP 64000
+52 (81) 2020-6502

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