25 de Octubre de 2014

About Nuevo León

Nuevo León's most striking characteristic are its working, entrepeneurial, honest and welcoming people. This attitude towards life has created a place fraught with opportunity.
Map of Nuevo Leon

Basic facts

Official name: Estado Libre y Soberano de Nuevo León (Free Sovereign State of Nuevo Leon)
Demonym: Neolonés(a) or Nuevoleonés(a)
Surface: 64,220 km2 or 24795 sq mi (3.3% of the country)
Population: 4,199,292 (4.0% of the country)
Capital: Monterrey (3.7 million)
Municipalities: 51
Surrounding states: Tamaulipas, San Luis, Zacatecas, Coahuila and Texas
Time zone: Central Mexico, UTC-6
Calling code: 52 (country code), 81 (regional code for Monterrey)
GDP: MXN $517,475 million (2004)
Industries: Service, commerce, manufacturing (metal, machinery, equipment)
Weather: Hot and dry, rains in May and September

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